We offer expendable packaging products in several types of materials to ensure that we offer the right solution for each and every customer. The most common packaging material for expendable packaging is corrugated.  All of our expendable packaging products are export compliant and can be shipped all over the world.  Expendables have a quick turn-around time, and are mostly used for one way shipping because they are less expensive.  Below are a few projects we have do on a regular basis. 



Project 1

  • Radiator export kit
  • 7 cells with vertical load/unload
  • Die cut slots on bottom with 1.5# EPE foam block to stabilize part.
  • Kit is assembled and shipped on a 48 x 45 HT pallet


Project 2

  • 2 cell HVAC kit
  • Export box with fold over die cut partitions
  • Stacks 2 high with tray separating layers to prevent top layer from shifting during transit.


Project 3

  • T1XX Expendable Kit
  • 20 inner tubes with side panels and top/btm cap
  • Banded and stapled to 70 x 48 pallet for exporting