Returnable Steel Rack Systems

With our close relationship with our metal rack supplier, One Earth can be your one stop shop.  We not only supply the rack but the interior dunnage as well.  
Our focus in designing steel shipping racks is to meet all of our customer’s shipping rack criteria including product protection in handling and shipping, optimum part quantity per rack, ergonomic loading and unloading of product in the rack, economic cost
The dunnage that we design for our racks includes urethane, CLPE, HDPE, UHMW, EPP foam, vacuum formed trays and dunnage, vinyl pouches, vinyl bags, and others. We pride ourselves on the attention to detail, quality and function of our products.
We will also inspect, weld, and clean your racks in house, so we can get them back in to your system ASAP.
Contact us with any steel shipping rack and cleaning questions.



Project 1

  • Blue steel rack
  • Four-way fork entry
  • Front and rear latch handles
  • Dunnage cut and molded to rack size



Project 2

  •   16 cell mailbox rack
  •  4 way fork entry
  • Poly-Spun covered cells to protect class A automotive parts
  • Plastic sleeve riveted to rack. Helps prevent dust from getting on parts. This is frequently used when customers are shipping class A automotive parts.



 Project 3

  • 10 cell steel rack
  • Internal dunnage is 3MM plastic corrugated with HDPE and drywall anchors to secure dunnage
  • 4 way fork entry
  • Plastic sleeve riveted to rack to help protect class A automotive parts



Project 4

These photos represent two different types of racks that we clean and inspect on a regular basis. We have a checklist for each rack that we go through to ensure that every inch of dust, dirt, oil and metal shavings has been washed off completely. We are extremely detailed in this process and make sure it is done right. We have also taken the steps to confirm everything we are putting into our drains and sewer system is environmentally safe.



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