Returnable packaging is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for customers.  Implementing a reusable packaging system means that you replace a one way packaging with a returnable solution.  Returnable packaging is available in a range of materials suitable for different transport and handling requirements.  

A returnable packaging solution is usually combined with customized inner packaging to secure and protect the goods.


 Project 1

– 24 x 22 x 11 tote

– 6 cell assembly

– 2# XLPE

– 3 mil PCORR

– Covered flutes with stitched velcro as a safety precaution

 Project 2

– 48 x 45 x 34 bulk bin with drop doors

– Partition assembly with 3 mil PCORR

– Stitched flutes

– Bottom pad with 3# XLPE for support

 Project 3

–   2415-7 Orbis tote

–   2MM die cut fold over partition assembly

–   Velcro used to keep dunnage in tote.

Project 4

–   1215-10 Orbis tote

–   2# XLPE waterjet cut foam

–   Vecro used to keep dunnage in tote

–   Plastic cover riveted to tote. Helps prevent dust from getting on part. This is typically used for class A automotive parts.